In this video, you will be able to see and know the parts of the water heater.
We are also showing here about sump pump and how it works and what to do if you are having problems about it.
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Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • You Will Know How The Water Heater Works.
  • Learn How The Pipe Is Setup From The Water Heater.
  • Learn What Are The Parts Of A Water Heater.

Enjoy this transcript!

Hello, Cole at champion Plumbing out Eagan, Minnesota. We’re over in Minneapolis today replacing a water heater power vent, vents outside of the house here. The old one was leaking, so therefore non repairable, so I’m just working on that. I almost got it hooked up, but basically I have to drain the water heater, no floor drain nearby. So I went over to the sump pump here who was unplugged, so I plugged it back in. Once it pulled all the water out, it kept running. Basically supposed to be a float over here onto this metal rod. Once the water level gets down, it’ll shut off automatically, turn on automatically when water’s in here, that’s totally gone. So luckily I drained it in here. So spring time’s coming around, have all this waterproofing cactus board throughout the perimeter of the basement where it catches all the water and brings it into this basket here and then it pumps it outside.

We’ll end up replacing it with the newer pump today. We have a few variations of pumps. This is one of them here, three year warranty on it. We also have other ones that have battery backup too, so if you lose power, it’ll switch over to the battery backup option, keep you moving along. Those the ones also come with a wifi kit module so you can get an app on your phone and always know what’s going on at home. If you need a new sump pump, or a water heater, anything plumbing related, go ahead and give us a call, (651) 362-2622, online www.championplumbing.net. We also have a few videos if you subscribe to YouTube. Thanks for watching.


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