In this video, we are showing how to replace gate valves that are no longer working or dysfunctional already.
We will have it replaced with a very reliable and good working valve to keep the water heater running for more years.
If you are having a problem with your water heater, please call us at 651-362-2622 or you can visit our website at www.championplumbing.net.

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • You Will Know How The Water Heater Works.
  • Learn How To Know If Your Water Heater Valve Is No Longer Working.
  • How To Replace The Water  Valves In Your Water Heater.

Enjoy the Transcript!

Conor: Hello, my name is Conor I’m with Champion Plumbing based out of Eagan, Minnesota. We’re here in Eagan today and I’m going to be replacing this atmospheric style water heater with a power vented water heater. I’m also going to be replacing the two water valves on the mainline and the water softener. The water valves currently are stuck open. Let’s see if we can… Stuck open, I can’t turn these and shut off the water. So we’re going to be replacing them with something that will not be left open in the future. Those gate valves, the ones that I just tried to turn are problematic because they will often get stuck in the open position, so I’m going to be replacing them with ball valves today.

Alrighty, and now we’re all set here. We’re set with a new softener unit, a new water heater power vent with all new venting, and two new water main valves. So I replaced those gate valves with ball valves. The quarter-turn valves here, one on top, and one on bottom down below. And our new Bassmaster water softener two-tank system and our power vented water heater, venting with all the lettering outside so that everyone knows what’s in here, running all the way outside the house.

We also have the chimney capped off, because the homeowner here is trying to remodel their kitchen, they plan on taking the stack out, and a new gas valve. Everything’s been brought up to code here. This is Conor with Champion Plumbing, based out of Eagan, Minnesota, enjoy your day.


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