Toilet Replacement

In this video, you will be able to see how we fixed a rusty old toilet water tank.
We are showing in this video a leaking toilet water tank changed to a new working one.
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  • You Will Know How To Fix A Rusty Toilet Water Tank.
  • Learn How That We Also Fix Toilet Water Tanks.
  • How And When To Replace A Toilet Water Tank.

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Hello everybody. Cole with champion plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota. Today we’re in West St. Paul. Got a call, that a toilet’s leaking. Typically, they leak out of the base because of … it needs a new wax ring.

Well today, if you can see the rust down there, we actually got a toilet tank bolt up here, totally rusted out. If you look in the tank, we’ve got some pretty bad rust going on with the bolts and the flush valve gasket is out.

Basically, at this point, we could do a full rebuild. Chances of getting those rusty bolts off without wrecking any porcelain, it’s a 50/50.
So instead of that, we’re just going to go ahead and take the whole toilet out, put a whole new one in. That way we can get new wax ring on the floor, new caulk around it, new supply line to the shutoff and then we know everything is just going to be perfect for what they need it for here today. So I’ll catch back with you once I get all done.

Okay, so we’re at a halfway point here. I have the toilet all removed over here. Took the old bolts off and the wax ring and this is your collar right here where all your two bolts hold the toilet down. There’s no cracks or anything here, which is a good sign. If there wasn’t, we can do a repair collar. Or if it was worse than that, we’d have to go down below, open the ceiling, cut the pipe and run a new one up. But everything’s good. We’ll get some new bolts in here and new wax ring and get the new toilet mounted.

All right, here’s the finished product. This is actually a Gerber round bowl toilet caulked around the base. Everything’s working like it should. So if you’ve got any projects like this you want us to repair or install a new toilet, we can certainly do that for you. Give us a call. (651) 362-2622 or look us up at
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