In this video, you will be able to see and know the parts of the water heater.
We are showing in this video how the pipes are set up from the water heater.
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  • You Will Know How The Water Heater Works.
  • Learn How The Pipe Is Setup From The Water Heater.
  • Learn What Are The Parts Of A Water Heater.

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All right. We are here in Bloomington fitting a water heater in again, another old one that a lot of stuff’s just got to change. For some reason, they have a gas valve at the end of their gas run, which you don’t want. They have an old gas valve right there. I don’t know why this thing’s zooming in and out. We’re going to change that water valve, we’ll get rid of the gate valve, put in a ball valve. The three-inch venting, you can see back there, it’s got to be changed to four-inch and there’s no room for it to be changed. And it’s up against a wood wall with a quarter-inch thick chunk of asbestos in between the wall and the venting. So we’re going to change that. Bring the venting out here, going into the chimney stack. It goes actually into a different room and exits out right there. So a lot of stuff has to change, bring this up to code, keep everybody safe and happy. We’ll show you what it looks like when we’re all done.

All right, we are all done, you can see the new gas valve. Again, this thing’s zooming in and out, kind of weird, but there’s the new water valve, the new venting that runs all the way over to the furnace, and there’s Sebastian cleaning the floors. So if you have a project like this, water heater, water softener, some pump, any plumbing needs, give us a call at (651) 362-2622 or look us up on the web www.championplumbing.net. Thank you.


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