Flo by Moen

This is a high-tech Auto shut-off valve for your plumbing system.
You put it on right after your main valve and it calculates water usage and can do a health safety check of your plumbing system.
You can remotely turn on and off your water from anywhere anytime.

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  • You Will Know How This Device Is Very Important To Plumbing System.
  • Learn How To Install This Device.
  • How To Avoid Worst Leakage.


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Troy: Hello again. Troy with Champion Plumbing. I’m in Lakeville, Minnesota. I just got done installing the Flo by Moen. This is something I’m really excited about. The reason is it can do a plumbing safety check to tell you if you have anything leaking. If you do have a catastrophic leak, it will shut the water off all by itself. Connects to wifi. One thing that’s pretty important that I just learned, because I just hooked mine up, is it takes a seven-day learning process. So hook it up on a Monday, it’d be the following Monday before it’s actually working. For those seven days, from what I understand at this point, it’s just learning your water behaviors, and that’s pretty cool.

So I will get back in seven days and let you know how it’s working, what some of the highlights are, what we can do with it. But the main thing is, I mean, this thing’s about $1,000 installed, which is most people’s deductible. The difference, you wouldn’t have to go through all of the headache and the hassle if you had an emergency if a water pipe burst and, and ruined bathrooms and kitchens. I mean, we see it all in the plumbing world. We see a lot of water damage calls. When something starts leaking is when you call the plumber and sometimes it’s disruptive in your life, to say the least. So this would be protection against that.

September, we are running a special on them, like I said, about $1,000 including installation. It’s, unfortunately, going to be another week before I can give you all the data on it as far as all the cool things I know it can do, like I said, like safety or plumbing system health, tell you if anything’s leaking, tell you when you are using water. From another state or from work or just before you get on an airplane, you can check your plumbing system and turn the water on or off. This thing I think is just amazing. It’s technology catching up to the plumbing world.

I will get back to you with some more stats here in about a week. Again, this is Troy with Champion Plumbing. If you have any interest in something like this for your house, you can give us a call at 651- 362-2622 or find us on the web. You can Google Champion Plumbing or go directly to our site at ChampionPlumbing.net. Thanks.

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