Troy joins us from another water heater replacement! If you’re experiencing water heater woes, give us a call today!
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  • How To Replace A Water Heater.
  • Learn How Water Heater Works.
  • Learn What Ventings For Water Heater You Should Have.

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Troy: Hey there, Troy, with Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, Minnesota.

Today, we are in Burnsville. I’m here with Kenny putting in a Rheem water heater. Was the old water leaking, Kenny?

Kenny: Yeah.

Troy: It was just an old leaking water heater. Couple of things are changing on this thing with the venting. We got to get rid of that T. We’re going to end up putting in stacked T’s here. You know I’ll first put a saddle on it. But nothing else really out of the ordinary

If you have a leaky water heater or your water heater just quit working, give us a call (651) 362-2622. Or look us up on the web www.championplumbing.net.
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