Let’s Check Out Our Newest Champion Plumbing Vehicle

Introducing the newest fleet to Champion Plumbing! We use this vehicle to support the technicians on the field. This vehicle will ensure our technicians have consistent support with parts if they aren’t on their work truck. Also, introducing the newest Brass faucet to hit the market. This faucet is the hottest thing on the West Coast. If you’d like more information on this faucet or have any plumbing-related questions, please reach out to us!

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • We Have Added Another Vehicle.
  • What’s Our Newest Added Vehicle For.
  • How A #1 Selling Gold Faucet Looks Like.

Listen To The Audio

Enjoy this transcript below!

Chris: Hey YouTube. Chris from Champion Plumbing, just kind of wanted to show you our new newest vehicle that we have for our fleet.

Ashley: Hey, Chris.

Chris: What’s up, Ashley?

Ashley: What’s this?

Chris: This is Ashley, everyone. Ashley does the dispatch for Champion Plumbing.

Ashley: Hi.

Chris: Ashley, this is our newest vehicle that we have to the fleet.

Ashley: What do we use it for?

Chris: Well, we use it for the shop guys. Whenever we have heaters or any plumbing item being installed on the field, sometimes they need parts delivered to them. Let me show you around. Let’s walk around it. So we just picked this up probably a month ago.

It’s actually a prior squad vehicle. Just like all of our other vehicles, we had it completely logoed out with the Champion Plumbing information. Looks great, we got the windows blacked out. But you want to see something really cool?

Ashley: All the time.

Chris: All right, follow me. So if you could guess what is the number one selling faucet on the west coast? What color, what finish do you think is the number one selling right now?

Ashley: Silver?

Chris: Nope.

Ashley: Brass?

Chris: Gold.

Ashley: Gold, okay.

Chris: Come here. Check it out.

Ashley: Yeah, show me. Ooh.

Chris: So what we have here, it’s a matte finish gold faucet. This is actually the number one selling faucet on the west coast right now.

Ashley: I like it.

Chris: We have a whole bunch in stock. If you want to be in the… Have the newest, most modern faucet today, this is what all the designers are going with. You have the detachable where you can spray. You can decide how you want it to spray. And you know what? We have a bunch of these in stock.

Ashley: Okay. Good to know.

Chris: We can install this for you anytime you’d like, whenever you like it. If you like it, give us a call. Champion Plumbing. We got our number right on the side of the vehicle here. Ken, why don’t you get to the side of the vehicle that beautiful shot again.

Ashley: So, Chris, you showed me the vehicle. Is it time to go for a ride?

Chris: Yeah, let’s do that. Let’s go for a ride. Let’s go ahead and close this up. YouTube, if you have any plumbing needs, anything that you’d like to have done for you?

Give us a call. Again, 651-365-1340. Make sure to subscribe. We have a lot of videos, how-to videos. And thanks for watching.

Ashley: Right, let’s go.

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