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Who’s your plumber? Here at Champion Plumbing we install thousands of water heaters across the metro area every year. That’s not all we do! We can also take care of everything inside your home! If water runs into it or out of it, we can handle it! Give us a call now at (651) 362-2622 or visit our website 

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Speaker: At Champion Plumbing we install thousands of water heaters across the metro area every year. You can call us for a free quote at (651) 362-2622, or look us up on the web at

Speaker: Although we do thousands of water heaters, that’s not all we do. We take care of everything inside your home. If water runs into it or out of it, we will take care of it. So, give us a call, (651) 362-2622. Or again, look us up on the web We also have a YouTube channel and a Facebook, so feel free to follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube channel. We are new at making videos and constantly adding videos. We’re trying to do some homeowner self-help videos, like how to drain your water heater, how do identify what kind of water heater you have. We’re currently working on a project, how to drain down your outside spigots so that you get them drained down properly, and you don’t have any problems with freezing. We do unfortunately see a lot of that in the spring where people will turn their water back on and then they’ll have issues.

Speaker: So, when you do go to our YouTube channel, click the little subscribe. Obviously you can turn notifications on or off. And when you’re doing something around the house that seems fairly simple, like draining your water heater or draining down your outside spigots, you can take a quick look at our videos, and know that you’re doing it properly.

Speaker: So again, we do do thousands of water heaters across the Metro, but we also take care of all of your plumbing needs, garbage disposal, sump pumps, faucet, toilet water softening, water conditioning, RO systems, outside spigot replacement, backflow testing, that’s a big one. It came in 2016 where all irrigation backflow systems should have a pressure vacuum breaker or RPZ, and those devices need to be tested annually. Otherwise what good are they if you don’t know that they’re working properly, you got nothing but an expensive coupling as our school teacher used to tell us. So, one last shout out Champion Plumbing. Eagan, Minnesota. We do service the entire Metro. (651) 362-2622, or find us on the web at

Speaker: And again, since this video is mainly water heaters, we are one of the only companies that will give you a free quote by calling our number (651) 362-2622. As we like to say, who’s your plumber?


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