Repairing A Kitchen Drain Pipe Leak in Eagan

Kitchen sink with ABS drain pipe that needed to be replaced. ABS is the black drain pipe, that doesn’t last as long as PVC. Customer had a leak behind the cabinet, which needed to be cut open for replacement.
Sometimes in walls and cabinets, in this case, had to be opened up to expose the piping.

This allows for proper replacement, and leak gone!

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Troy: Hey, everybody. Troy Champion Plumbing out of Eagan. Today we’re also in Eagan.
This is a kitchen sink that had ABS that needed to be replaced. You can see the ABS. ABS is the black drain pipe, and it just doesn’t last as long as PVC, especially now we have dishwashers running into them and the dishwasher dumps go into the sink and then drain down the pipe.

And unfortunately this one, I mean the cabinet, the lazy Susan was here, the wall has to get cut open. It’s a big deal when this happens, but when you’re in a 34-year-old home with the ABS in it, it’s going to be something that you, unfortunately, might have to change.

So if you have some ABS pipe or a leak or any plumbing needs, please give us a call at 651-365-1340, or look us up on the web,


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