Welcome back to Cole’s Corner! In this episode, Cole talks shower cartridges: how they work, how you can change them out, and when to call us!
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Speaker 1: Hello everyone and welcome back to Cole’s Corner, episode five. Today, we’re going to be talking about shower cartridges. Shower valve, main thing I always get called is the shower head’s leaking, you need to come replace the showerhead. Well, the only way water can get to the showerhead is if it goes through this valve. This is actually the same valve right here.

This is for a tub, which has a tub spout here. Or if you have a tub spout, there’s some similar to this, where they just slide on there and you can tighten up a screw, and that’s your tub spout. Behind all this trim kit there’s usually screw to get the handle off, cover plate. There’s a couple of screws. You’re going to find a cartridge like this inside of there. You got your hot coming in and your cold coming in. This turns the water on, off, and mixes hot and cold.

If your shower head’s dripping, you got something going on with your cartridge. It’s leaking through. This is a Moen. Typically there’s three different variations, age styles of them. Sometimes once you get it off, there’s a metal clip. You can pull that clip off and usually, you can take a plier and pull the cartridge out. But a lot of times that’s not always possible.

So they do make a puller. There’s several different types that can screw into the stem and then you can wrench this in and they will pull itself out for you. And then you’ll just slide a new one back in, put your ring back on, and turn your faucet on, and you’ve got water again. There is a couple other variations of them too. There’s a Kohler cartridge. Moen, Kohler, Delta is usually what we see out there. Same setup. These ones just have a few screws and they pull right off.

The older version Delta also here’s the older one I took out of a house. This was a tub spout. The galvanized old Delta here. We can sometimes rebuild the seats and washers in them if we don’t want to go into the wall into the sheetrock or whatever is your back wall to get in there, to cut everything out and start over. So a lot of times we can replace these, just like we did with this cartridge here.

There is an older version Moen too that fits this style. It’s a brass one. Like I said, three variations for Moen, and there’s like four or five Delta variations. We got a two handle, a single handle, but one turns it on and off, one adjust the temperature. We take that cover off. There’s one screw you take off, the handle pops off. There’s our cartridge. Sometimes a Delta will only have one handle. Like I said, they do make different variations of cartridges and it’s pretty straightforward.

There’s a locking nut, threads off. These ones you can usually just pull them out like this. Water is off. You’ll get a little bit coming out but that’s not a big deal. And usually, if you take this out, you want to match it with the part number of the new one, otherwise, the handle might not fit on it since they do make different variations. Like I said, these are the main ones that we always see out there.

And usually, the call is the shower head’s leaking, or you can hear dripping at night. So if you guys can handle that on your own, every hardware store, Home Depot, Menards, they all have these cartridges. If you can’t get it, obviously give us a call. Skilled labor isn’t cheap, cheap labor isn’t skilled.


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