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  • You Will Know How Toilet Part Works.
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  • What’s Best To Do If You Are Having A Toilet Problems.

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Cole: Hello everybody, Cole from Cole’s Corner. Last week, episode one, we talked about disposals. Today, on episode two, we’re going to talk about toilets. I’ve got Connor here with me today. We’re going to talk a few about brands. What we see out in the field on service calls, what’s leaking, what’s breaking. Just the rough idea, what you guys can do to possibly repair on your own without having the service call for us to come out.

So we’re going to dive right into it. So, the toilets that we always put in are Gerber’s, they come with a five-year warranty, three-year labor. They do make different height toilets, shorter one, taller one. This is actually called the comfort height, right here. And it’s the round bowl. They do make an elongated bowl. Round bowl usually fit the best if you have a walkway to get into your bathroom, shower, tub or your wall’s narrower. If you want to go with elongated, it gives you a little bit more room upfront, but you need more room to walk through, then a little bit bigger bathroom.

One thing when you want to purchase a toilet or think about is, do I have a 12 inch rough in or a 10 inch rough in? Most of them are 12 inch rough in, basic. Easiest way to measure that is take a tape measure to your back wall, measure to the toilet bolt. If you’re 12 inches, you have a 12 inch rough-in. If you’re lower than that, you’re going to need a 10 inch rough in which we can get, we just don’t have on hand. They all come with the seat, actual soft, close seat. They come in plastic and they come in wood. It’s a really nice feature versus that big bang noise you usually get.

Connor: So, here’s the insides of your toilet right here. This is the water shutoff valve. Sometimes you’ll have a multi-turn valve, other times you’ll have a quarter-turn valve just like this, and this will turn the water on and off to the toilet. This is your braided line, it will go straight to the fill valve and this is what this is, the fill valve. This is what controls the flow of water into the tank.

So when you flush the toilet, you lift the flapper and then all the water goes down into the toilet bowl. From there, this buoy drops all the way to the bottom and then as it refills the water with this hose here, it slowly lifts the buoy back up.

You need to call a plumber when you can’t get the water turned off to the toilet, you’re going to know that the water’s not turned off when you hear the valve constantly filling after you’ve tried to shut it off. At that point, you need to have a plumber come out and turn the water off to your house and replace the valve. Otherwise, some things you can do to yourself is you can replace the flapper or you can decide to replace the fill valve.

Cole: And these flappers, there’s just a chain on them, a lot of times these rust off. You could probably get a chain, but it’s probably just beneficial to go and buy your flapper, the whole piece and then just put a whole new one on.

Some tips that we see out there. We see a leaky tank right here or down on the floor on a lot of calls or water not filling the drain. So what Conner’s talking about would be a few of those items that are going bad that can be replaced on that.

Cleaning. Use toilet bowl cleaner down here, that’s fine and great. In here, they do sell those tablets that about half of my customers have in their toilet tank. Those cleaning agents do void warranty of toilets. They actually will eat away at these flappers and those fill belts, so please don’t do that. If anything, drain the water out. Take an old rag and wipe it out the best you can with just some soap and water would be the best.

If you get a clogged drain, you can always try to plunger it yourself. Sometimes some people don’t want to try that because the water will overfill. We do have a drain cleaning company. We refer people to, just mentioned Champion Plumbing, you will get preferred rates on those service calls.

Other than that, that’s pretty much all we got for today. Just to remember that skilled work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t skill. Until next time, thanks for watching Cole’s Corner with me and Connor today.

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