Save $300 And Get This Water Heater

Bradford White Dented Water Heater Deal, $300 off!! We have two available, get them now before they’re gone!

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • Why We Are Giving a $300 Discount For These Two Water Heater.
  • What Type Of Water Heater Is Bradford White And What Are They Made Of.
  • Is The Warranty For These Water Heaters Still Valid?


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Troy: Hey, all. Troy, Champion Plumbing out of Eagan, best known for our water heater installations. We are currently putting in Bradford Whites as often as we can.

They’re American-made, premium steel, the whole nine yards. We have the opportunity for a $300 discount for these two 40-gallon Bradford White water heaters that have a small dent in them.

The warranty stays the same. Doesn’t affect anything other than the cosmetics. We can’t even find this dent, but it’s here.

If you’d be interested in saving $300 on a water heater install, these are 40-gallon gas, atmospheric water heaters, which are the most common, so give us a call and ask for the $300 dented water heater, 651-365-1340.

Look us up on the web, Thank you.


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