Making Sure All Our Technicians Heads Out Early To Address Our Customer’s Plumbing Needs

8 am morning walk-through, is everyone gone yet? We do it all! Who’s your Plumber!?

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn: 

  • How Early We Roll Out To Provide Plumbing Services.
  • We Always Check If Every Technician Are Ready And Set Before Leaving To Work.
  • Our Best Plumbers Are Out In The Road As Early As 8 AM.


Enjoy this transcript below!

Troy: Hey, all. Troy at Champion Plumbing out of Eagan. Getting my 8:00 walk. You can see it’s a couple of minutes to 8:00.

So let’s see who’s left straggling back here and who needs to get moving. It is a Tuesday. We have our meetings on

Tuesdays, so a little bit more leniency on Tuesdays to get the guys out and servicing our customers.

Looks like we’ve got three guys left, so I’m going to go circle around and get them heading to your house, potentially, if you need a plumber, water heater leaking, garbage disposal, water softeners.

We like to say, “Who’s your plumber?” You have a good doctor.

You have a good mechanic. Do you have a good plumber? Yeah. Give us a shot. 651-365-

Troy: Who’s your plumber?

Technician: Champion Plumbing.

Troy: All right. It’s 651-365-1340, Thank you.



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